Thursday, October 8, 2009

When You Least Expect It....

TODAY has been a good day. I woke up slightly before my alarm went off and I did not get angry. This is actually a major accomplishment for me because normally that situation makes me feel short-changed or ripped off. I feel that if I wake up two minutes before my alarm goes off, that I have lost those two, precious minutes of sleep and can never get them back. It’s infuriating. But, I got up, got dressed and went to class without coffee. Another accomplishment!

After French, I walked over to the library like I normally do to either study, or goof off on my computer for an hour before my next class starts. Today I actually read some of my required textbook reading. Go me!

Then, after the last class of the day, I came home to make a quick lunch. I decided to throw together a quick taco salad. Making this meal always reminds me of a strange time in my childhood when I first had what were called “Haystacks.” I honestly do not know if anyone out there knows what Haystacks are, but I would appreciate some feedback if you are familiar with the term as well.

I was further reminded of my first experience with Haystacks as I ate my meal. Its another amazing signifier of the power of taste and smell in association with memory recollection. Oh the human brain!

Many years ago, my family was associated with a congregation that met at a building called “The Ark.” If you have read previous blogs here, then you know of the congregation that was called “The Meeting House.” These two groups were very closely intermingled and in some ways competed for its participants. The Meeting House was a lot closer to most people, however The Ark was a much bigger and nicer building that had a more traditional pastor situation instead of whomever wants to speak can speak that was The Meeting House’s motif.

I can barely remember this day; I must have been about nine years old when I first had this meal. I remember it being surprised that my mom or dad didn’t know what Haystacks were since they were supposed to know everything. But that day, my entire family learned to begin with the hamburger, add the hot chili, then the cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies and corn chips with perhaps a touch of Ranch dressing or Thousand Island on the top. By the time this stack was completed, it was generally pretty large and took up most of the plate.

I cannot remember how much I had eaten that day. But I remember eating way too much. I also remember a guy named Robert that was also there that I found to be incredibly attractive. I don’t know what there was about him, or that day… but I was trying to observe as much of this man as I could. I remember being drawn to his charisma and the way he was talking to the single girls that were his age and to his handsome face.

Its strange how these memories are connected and how they can rush back just from a simple lunch. Tomorrow, I will wake up again and do the same thing! Perhaps I will play with some of the other things in my refrigerator to see what can be conjured up for lunch!


  1. "Haystacks" huh? Wow, sounds interesting. Nah, just kiddin' I love haystacks! I always used to eat them as a kid (Guess I'm still one). For church lunches or going out to friends, haystacks were always on the menu.

  2. haha! Thanks Jefferson :-) I had never really heard the term since that day a long time ago, so its nice to know that it really is something and not just something from a dream I had once

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